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A collection of activities, the Exploratorium facilitates a participatory design and development process.


The Exploratorium seeks to inspire participant engagement and foster relationships built on trust, inclusivity, and freedom, so all voices are heard and represented. They can be used as part of a user research plan or for gathering feedback.

Who it’s for

  • Development & Product Teams: Get feedback on your projects.

  • Organizations & Trainers: Capture the needs & concerns of your community.



We were able to weave [the ‘One Liners’ and ‘Persona Builder’ activities] seamlessly into localization activities to get more user feedback on the tools that we were localizing...
— Erin McConnell, Localization Lab



Designed with the hope that anyone — developers, trainers, contributors, or designers — can deploy them, these activities aim to cultivate honest input, and generate meaningful and actionable insights. Use them in a group setting at an event or in a virtual focus group.


As someone voluntarily using our activities, we want to say, “Thank you, and we hope they are of use.” Before deploying an activity, please consider how you are protecting the safety and privacy of participants. ‘Our Research Principles’ outline some of the questions we ask before our engagements.



Explain It

First Use


My First Impression

My Story



One Liners

Persona Builder

Quick Reactions





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