What makes you different makes you beautiful. Identify the distinct traits that make up different types of humans within a focus community.


identify focus communities


40 min - 1 hour





Every product is not for everyone. It can be challenging to represent communities correctly without first hearing from them. The ‘Persona Builder’ activity allows participants to creatively build a persona that represents their community. We recommend this activity only if you have community members present, interviews, secondary research, survey data and experience to support the represented community.

MAterials Needed

  • Printed and cut ‘Persona Builder’ component cards

  • Dice (optional)

  • Writing utensils


How It’s Useful


For Development Teams

  • Identify focus communities & use cases

  • Identify and prioritize capabilities

For Product Teams

  • Communicate research

  • Identify focus communities

  • Identify risks & needs of focus communities

For Organizations & Trainers

  • Empower community representation

  • Identify risks

  • Ensure accuracy & diversity in information


Why We Love It

Personas are extremely helpful for designing and communicating to our other team members. They are a great way to represent synthesized qualitative and quantitative information while providing context and eliciting emotion. This game helps the building of personas become more tangible.


Get It Here!

In the facilitator guide, you’ll find all the instructions you need to deploy this activity. You can choose to print the activities, run them digitally, or go paperless. Have fun!

View ‘Our Research Principles’ for insight into what we consider when planning an engagement.


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