Find out what your focus community loves. Discover what would make your product relevant and helpful.









Find the favorites! The ‘Capabilities’ activity is a great way to get input from everyone in the room about which features of an app or tool are relevant for them and/or their community. Discover favorites by asking participants to rate capabilities on a scale or with emojis!

MAterials Needed

  • List of tool capabilities

  • Writing utensils

  • Sticky notes or colored dots

  • For a remote deployment option, see facilitator guide.


How It’s Useful


For Development Teams

  • Prioritize features

  • Discover the importance of your product’s capabilities

For Product Teams

  • Understand which capabilities are relevant for a community

  • Prioritize features

For Organizations & Trainers

  • Identify community needs and desires

Example Outcome


Why We Love It

It can be hard to narrow down the capabilities of a product. This activity allows focus communities to choose their favorites according to what they want or need. We use variations of capabilities often in the concept development stages of a project when we’re defining or optimizing the experience for particular communities. It’s a great way to surface the most important features and help mitigate scope creep.


Get It Here!

In the facilitator guide, you’ll find all the instructions you need to deploy this activity. You can choose to print the activities, run them digitally, or go paperless. Have fun!

View ‘Our Research Principles’ for insight into what we consider when planning an engagement.


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