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We mine the full potential of an idea by creating interactions and interfaces that give ease of entry and intuitive use.

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Our work is vast.
Our dedication is unwavering.

Our partnerships range from technology teams and free speech organizations to local businesses.

Check out some of our projects!


Using Technology to Bring About social justice

Magic Wormhole is a clever way of sending files securely. We set out to explore how it could be useful among people living in highly censored and surveilled parts of the word.

Designing Feedback ACtivities

Field Kit seeks to close the gap between technology teams and communities working in the Internet Freedom space. It offers lean methods that generate an exchange of relevant feedback and ideas.


Buidling Safe Spaces for Women Journalists

Círculo is a safe space for journalists to support each other as they face online harassment and violence in their work. We worked to discover how a safety app for university students could be used to benefit women journalists in Mexico.

Creating an engaging first experience

ProofMode, an Android app, captures information that makes your photos and videos more trustworthy. We set out to create an engaging and clear first use experience.


 Let’s get to work!