user research

User Research & Analysis 

We employ various lean methods to learn about the needs and behaviors of your target audience.

strategic planning

Strategic Planning

We work with you to synthesize the goals for a product experience and to prioritize its features.


User Experience Design

We craft an enjoyable, easy to use interaction for your customers and users. We draw flow charts and wireframes to illustrate the experience.



We rapidly produce interactive prototypes throughout the design process to test and get a feel for the real life experience of a product.


User Interface Design

We create an appealing, effective visual design with interactive elements that improve the usability of digital interfaces.


User Testing

We create plans for employing user tests in-house and in the field. We synthesize the resulting insights and data to determine design improvements.


Quality Assurance

We work closely with developers throughout implementation, and provide solutions for issues and challenges that come up in the development process.



Brand Identity

We name products and services, create logos, and create identity packages including colors, fonts, photography, and graphics, that make a brand unique.



We develop brand messages and write copy for websites, mobile apps and print materials.

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