This feedback helps teams understand the details of situations in which their product may be used. It helps them optimize the product for real life situations.


The activity

30-40 minute group activity

Narrative cards are designed to capture the real-life environmental factors of situations which cause a normal situation to heighten into a risk. Often we hear about situations happening, but lack the full details of the story. We've come to learn that it's the details that best inform the design and development needs of a solution.

This activity is useful in assisting community members in sharing their stories and challenges. These stories can help tool teams design a solution with those unique situational factors in mind. Narratives focus on storytelling, listening, and solidarity.

How to use the cards:
Use the cards to prompt a story. In a group setting, lay them out on a table. Ask participants to find a card they can speak to. Have participants pair up or create small groups to share their stories. As one person shares, another participant will record notes for them in their card. Inside each card are questions that indicate details that are useful to know about the story.

Note: Print two-sided. Cut in half on the dotted line. Then fold cards in half.