Someone’s first experience can be the difference between a loyal user or someone who never comes back. Discover if people think your onboarding is confusing.




1 hour





Setting up a new tool for the first time is often where people get lost, preventing them from adopting the tool in their daily life. Knowing where challenges lie within your UI can make all the difference between adoption or rejection. The ‘First Use’ activity, inspired by 007, is designed to answer, “Can anyone use it?”

MAterials Needed

  • Printed ‘First Use’ activity packs

  • Test device with tool installed

  • Writing utensils

  • Audio recorder or note taking equipment

  • Sticky notes and colored dots


How It’s Useful


For Development Teams

  • Prioritize features on the development roadmap

  • Emphasize importance of technology capabilities

  • Identify areas of confusion

For Product Teams

  • Identify UI confusion points 

  • Identify unknown language 

  • Identify barriers for adoption 

  • Identify user needs, desires 


Why We Love It

As users, we are picky and impatient and want something easy to setup and use. Discovering what and where challenges lie for the user is gold. ‘First Use’ helps identify these areas and discover a more intuitive, friendly, likable user interface and experience. Besides, who doesn’t like a challenge?


Get It Here!

In the facilitator guide, you’ll find all the instructions you need to deploy this activity. You can choose to print the activities, run them digitally, or go paperless. Have fun!

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