I like it! I love it! I want some more of it! Get a quick overview of how the group reacts to your tool.




5 minutes





Emojis are a fun and quick way to capture the overall feeling of participants — whether asking about a specific tool, interface, training, or even their day. The ‘Quick Reactions’ activity allows participants to honestly show their 👍 or 👎 without having to explain themselves.

MAterials Needed

  • Printed emoji faces

  • Your feelings :)


How It’s Useful


For Development Teams

  • A visual representation of data

  • Gauge adoption

For Product Teams

  • Gauge adoption

  • Gauge group feelings

  • Have fun!

For Organizations & Trainers

  • Gauge group feelings

  • Have fun!

Example Outcome


Why We Love It

We love it! The ‘Quick Reactions’ activity takes the pressure out of answering questions. It’s fast, fun and you get a great photo while maintaining privacy!


Get It Here!

In the facilitator guide, you’ll find all the instructions you need to deploy this activity. You can choose to print the activities, run them digitally, or go paperless. Have fun!

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