First impressions are everything! Find out who is interested and who is not.




5 minutes





Our brain can process data in milliseconds. Sometimes we only have moments to make an initial impression on potential users. Find out if your users were interested!

Materials Needed

  • Printed ‘My First Impression’ cards

  • Writing utensils

  • For a paperless deployment option, see facilitator guide.


How It’s Useful


For Development Teams

  • Gauge user interest

  • Discover areas of question and concern

  • Discover potential use cases

For Product Teams

  • Discover what made the biggest impression

  • Discover areas of question and concern

  • Gauge user interest


Why We Love It

‘My First Impression’ can tell us a lot about whether people are interested and where we should spend our time. In a crazy, busy world, it’s helpful to discover where our time will be most valuable.


Get It Here!

In the facilitator guide, you’ll find all the instructions you need to deploy this activity. You can choose to print the activities, run them digitally, or go paperless. Have fun!

View ‘Our Research Principles’ for insight into what we consider when planning an engagement.


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