Localizing Circle of Six for women journalists in Latin America to facilitate support in their work

Circle of Six was created to be a personal safety app for everyone. We set out to localize for female journalists in Latin America. Our aim is to create a safe and easy way for them to access support networks.

Part 1

Find what our user needs

In phase one, we conducted a needs assessment to discover potential ways the app could be useful to women and to further capture their concerns. By conducting interviews with contacts on the ground, we crafted user stories and brief case profiles of how the app could work for them.

Once contacts were established, we curated a survey of potential threats the women would face and asked them to rank the threats based on how likely they were to face them. The results of the survey would be used to inform the features we would design for the app. Our contacts distributed the survey to journalists on the ground, and set up a group chat in WhatsApp to stay in touch.

After receiving feedback on the users needs and pain-points, we came up with two different concepts of how the app could be positioned and built out screens for how they would function. Along with the visual design, we came up with clear and concise copy to communicate what the goal of each feature was and a brief description of how and when the feature would be used.


We will now be reaching out to the journalists to get feedback.