A Human-Centered Approach to User Testing

We make it easy for you to get valuable, actionable results.

For every product or idea, it's critical to connect with the people you seek to serve. At Okthanks, we make it a practice to continually put prototypes and developed projects in front of end users to ensure usefulness and usability, and to discover opportune areas for growth.

With a human-centered approach, we design and conduct user studies to gain insight on how to make products more effective. By combining qualitative and quantitative input, we are able to provide a holistic view of a user's experience and engagement with a product or brand.

Studies are tailored to your project. In many cases, we find that a blend of usability testing and an open discussion yield the best results. 

We've seen great value in combining observation with interview. At times, participants can say they understand how something works, but watching them use it will bring to light their true comprehension, along with points of confusion or frustration. In talking with participants, we are able to ask targeted questions that lead to a deeper understanding of the product’s value to them. 

Our studies conclude with an informed report containing UX recommendations for improvement. Our reports are easy to read and provide actionable steps for your team to move forward. You can see examples of our work below.