Our Design Approach

We take a holistic approach to web design. Crafting websites which not only look beautiful and timeless, but are easy to navigate, accessible by you, elicit your brand’s ethos, and designed with your customers in mind! A seamless digital design from desktop to mobile.

Web design is storytelling for the marketplace. Taking a product, idea or business and supporting the main content with photos, brand value, customer reviews, and emotion; publishing a best-seller!  At Okthanks, we come alongside you to enhance the experience for you and your customers. Curating the content and crafting the conversation to best tell your story.  Our approach is interdisciplinary, taking our various skill sets into account when constructing the most effective strategy for you! Once we innovate your web design we’ll hand over control to you! You’ll have no trouble updating your calendar, adding new photos, or changing content.

Some examples of peer-disciplines which inform our decision making and design:

  • User Experience

    • Improve customer satisfaction, and loyalty through the utility, ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction with your company.

  • Graphic Design

    • Layout, Imagery, Colors, Fonts

  • Information Architecture.

    • How content is organized and structured in a sustainable way so that visitors can find information easily.

  • Copywriting

    • Written content aimed at increasing brand awareness with the goal of persuading a person or group to take a particular action.

  • Development

    • An exploratory building process of growth and revelation.

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

    • Implementing basic techniques to improve the number of visitors to your website.

  • Marketing and Public Relations

    • Promotional Strategy, Advertising, Market Research, and PR (the relationship between the business and it’s customers)

  • Invested Stakeholders

    • Business, organizations and community members associated with your company. Will take into account any legal or intellectual property.

Our Platform

We love using Squarespace as our website platform! Squarespace creates beautiful themes that are continually supported. Their customer support is excellent and they host everything you need in one place, no third parties needed (domain name, website content and customer service). Don’t just take our word for it, have a look yourself at Squarespace.com 

“Squarespace makes beautiful products to help people with creative ideas succeed.”