Popular Device Types in Latin America

How we came up with these devices

This past year, Okthanks in partnership with Guardian Project, began a project known as Viento or 'wind' in Spanish. Our goal for Viento is to create useful tools for the Latin American context. This led us to a few steps in our design process. In May 2017, we began with a survey targeting the countries of Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, and Ecuador. Based on our survey results and prior knowledge, we decided to focus on three Latin American countries; Colombia, Cuba, and Mexico. In addition to our survey research, we gathered personal stories from online articles and blogs to begin shaping country-specific personas, or social roles and character behavior. For the Viento personas, we took a holistic look at the individual's life and the life of their device. Delving into their daily routine and challenges in relation to technology and access to the internet. We found that many were operating in areas with limited connectivity, on low-end devices with limited storage, battery, and data. For a more in-depth look at the Viento personas visit our Resources page.  

Based on our Viento survey results, we compiled a list of the popular devices found in Colombia, Cuba, and Mexico. We had 49 participants from these countries. We've included the popular device type for each country along with the device's screen resolution and gigabytes. 

Carrie WinfreyOkthanks