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field kit

A guide to gathering useful feedback

The Field Studies Kit is a collection of activities that can be used independently or collectively to help you understand who is using your apps and what is important to them. Whether you are a developer trying to prioritize your development process or a trainer working to gauge the usability of apps, it's vital to understand your end user. These activities are designed to make the process of gathering useful feedback easier and more efficient. You can download activities individually or download the whole Kit. 




User Story

10-15 min, Self led

The User Story tool is a mad-lib style activity that helps contextualize who is using the app, what their goal is with the app, and why their goal is important to them. This is one of the fastest and best ways to gain valuable insight and context into your target audience.

  • Kind of feedback Who, how, and why the app is being used
  • When to use
    • Trainer – To paint a comprehensive picture of your end user, and how they perceive they would use the app
    • Product Team – To understand who your user is and tailor the experience of the app to their goals

No prep required


Capabilities Card

10-20 min, Self led

The Capabilities Card is a rating system of different capabilities of your app. Target audience members will use a scale of emojis to rate how useful each capability is to them. This is a great way to gain understanding into which features are most useful for your target audience.

  • Type of feedback How useful each capability is to the user
  • When to use
    • Trainer – Use the cards to gauge which features are most useful for the community after testing a single app with the desired target audience
    • Product Team – Use the cards to collect data points that can be turned into quantitative feedback to inform the development process

To prepare, determine and document the capabilities of the app being tested. Write capabilities in the blanks on the card provided.


Question Prompt

10-20 min, Facilitator or Self led

The Question Prompts provide multiple open ended questions to ask users based on their experience with the app. This is a good way to start a conversation around important topics like adoption, cultural norms and concerns.

  • Type of Feedback Answers to important questions
  • When to Use
    • Trainer – Use the prompts to kick off a discussion or debrief after training on an app, or if you have limited time and want to get a major takeaway.
    • Product Team – Use when you want feedback, but don't know what to ask, or when you're creating your own follow-up survey.

No prep required



When you use the field studies kit, we can compile a comprehensive report of the data from findings. You will be able to clearly see the usefulness of your tool, what steps we took to gather the data, what your users concerns were, bugs that were found, and more. Below is an example of a report curated from our field studies kit.

Download Haven Report


Get the whole kit


As always, if there are activities you are already using or new activities you'd like to see included in the Field Studies Kit, please let us know.