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This feedback helps teams improve the first experience people have with their product. It informs decisions made about user experience, core functionality and marketing.


We’ve observed…

One of the top things that prevent individuals from adopting new products (particularly secure tools) is a complicated, unclear setup process. In an effort to answer the question— "Can anyone use it?—we've designed these activities to measure:

  • If people can completely set the tool up to a point where they can use it in everyday life

  • How well people understand what the tool is and does

  • If the benefits of the tool are communicated clearly


First Use

20-30 minute self-led activity
Plus a 10-15 minute group debrief

Use the cards in concert with a debrief. Facilitator instructions and debriefing tips will be provided soon. In the meantime, contact us for assistance.

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Word Study

10-15 minute self-led or group activity

Conducting a word study is a good way to learn about and expose unfamiliar or off-putting words that individuals may encounter in their initial experience of a new product. Create your own word study by selecting common words used on the webpage, app store, and setup process.



Example Outcomes


We deployed a tailored version of this kit for KeePassXC. Check out our insights and recommendations.