The Smart Profiler

A better experience by default

There is no default person, and likewise no default experience. Every mobile user has different needs based on their location, phone quality and data access. 

The Smart Profiler is a flexible design pattern created as part of the Viento project to tailor app foreground and background settings, rather than relying on a one size fits all solution.

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  • To smartly conserve data, battery and storage to create lighter, less consuming apps.


  • To make apps more efficient and personalized in their behavior.
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factors to consider

network (2g, 3g, 4g, none or wifi):

This info helps us learn about which type of network the user is typically using, and helps us make an assumption about the quality of their data plan.

data available:

We can tell how much data has been used per the user's normal usage history.


Determine amount currently available and if there is an SD card.

Phone Quality:

Determined by screen resolution and memory.


We can use the Android scheduler API to schedule tasks to only happen when plugged in.



OPtimized vs. everything Modes


for limited or slow data experience

When to use it

The user has a poor network (2g, 3g or none) and/or a low-end phone (screen resolution below 720).

How it works

The user can easily determine how to use their data by setting certain sources as priority or accessing a shortcut to use data for a given set of time.



for sufficient data experience

When to use it

The user has a good network (4g) and a decent quality phone (screen resolution of at least 720).

How it works

The user’s data will be accessed fully without any optimization or shortcuts.


further customizations


data overage alerts

The user can set an alert to turn data off and switch to wifi only after a certain percentage of data has been used. 


storage solutions

If internal storage is low or certain app features are likely to take up a lot of space, the user can save information to the SD card instead. If the user does not have an SD card, the default storage settings can be kept minimal.


Battery Saver

If the phone is low-end, the app will be proactive to preserve battery life. The user can set automatic battery-intensive or low-priority tasks to occur only when the phone is plugged into a power source.